ALL STAR Poster.jpg

All Star: The Best Broadway Musical

Written and created by Allison Frasca

In the little town of Nash South, USA, Sadie Plumcott has a dream as big as the sky. She wants to be the next American All Star, the winner of the hottest reality TV singing competition. She works every day at her Uncle Benny’s gas station to save up enough money to get herself to the auditions in Dallas. As Sadie works toward her long-held goal, she encounters jealous naysayers, an unexpected love triangle, ghosts from her past, and a cool, mysterious drifter who makes her an irresistible offer. Events that are out of Sadie’s control continue to hinder her ability to achieve her ultimate dream. In desperate frustration she risks everything and makes it to the auditions. Once there, she is struck by cold, harsh reality and must return to her small town rejected and humiliated. To Sadie’s surprise, the town that she ridiculed and abandoned rallies behind her and hails her as Nash South’s very own All Star and Sadie finally lets go of her failures and looks for a new dream to follow.